Wk9 – Classmate Conversation- Gina Householder

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Gina Householder. Gina is a second year at Cal State Long Beach studying Pre Film. She wants to be in non-fiction production, documentaries, and then move into narratives as job. When I asked her why she is taking Art 110 she said that she likes art and being creative and it was to fulfill a pre-requisite for film. I also asked her why she decided to go to CSULB and she told me her family went there and she knew the school really well already. Her favorite class at CSULB is history of broadcasting because you are learning about all tv shows from all times. Gina has one younger sister who is fifteen, she also has three dogs: two French Bulldogs and a German Shepard. She also has a Gecko. Her hobbies include going to the beach, Disney, volunteering and reading. Her favorite music are all kinds, but particularly alternative. She likes some country but doesn’t really listen to it. Her favorite show is Sherlock on BBC, her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is pizza. I Hope you guys get the chance to meet Gina just as I did!


Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Elidia Ramirez

 This week I had the pleasure of meeting Elidia Ramirez. She is a second year at California State University Long Beach. She is currently undeclared but before that she started as a marine biologist and then a history major. She is leaning more towards social work. Her favorite subject is history and she is taking Art 110 to complete a GE, and wanted to see what the class was like. She graduate from Lakewood High School where she played volleyball and soccer. She chose to go to CSULB because it was close to home and all her three brothers and sister graduated from long beach. Elidia used to work at Marshals but quit. She loves animals and has a little Yorkie. Her favorite music is anything Spanish, her favorite color is red, and her favorite food is pasta. Also she does not drink soda. On her free time she likes to go hiking, do some baking, reading, and going out to eat with friends. I hope you guys get the chance to meet Elidia just as I did. 🙂

Wk7 – Classmate Conversation -Eli Yee

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Eli Yee. Eli is a second year at Cal State Long Beach studying to become a fashion merchandiser. He chose CSULB because of its great art program. Eli chose fashion because it is more stable in the economy and he loves art also. The reason why he is taking Art 110 is because it peaks his interest the most and he thinks Professor Zucman is an interesting guy! Eli has two brothers and a sister and a terrier mix. He used to dorm at school because he lives in Fresno, but he now commutes and has a place with his friends. Eli’s hobbies include painting, drawing, hiking, traveling new places, and exploring. If you guys get the chance to interview Eli, you should look at his artwork that he has on his Instagram, it definitely most dope! For sports Eli used to cross country, track, and soccer. His fastest mile time is five minutes.(that’s pretty fast to be honest!) One interesting fact about Eli is that he says he’s a health freak and makes every meal himself and shops at Trader Joes, he prefers things to be organic. I asked him where he wants to visit and he said: Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. The most interesting place he said he’s been was New York and Hawaii, and he’s travelled over most of California. Like I said if you guys get the chance to meet Eli, check out his Instagram, he has some pretty cool artwork that you’ll like! 🙂 

Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – John Stouras

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with a classmate named John Stouras. He is a first year from Santa Cruz who is currently studying film at CSULB to specialize in production management. John has a cat but doesn’t really like it much, he prefers dogs and is allergic to cats. His favorite color is blue more specifically Royal blue. John likes sports and played football for Scott’s Valley High School and his favorite team is the Jets. Currently John is pledging a fraternity ZBT and has to wear a fanny pack around campus lol. He plays bass guitar and wants to learn acoustic. John is also an outdoorsy person, he likes to hike and also likes to go party every once in a while but is not really a party kind of person. In his free time he likes to do community service because he sees it as a great way to give back to the community. John took Art 110 because wanted to complete a GE requirement and wanted to see what the class was like. His favorite class at school is film/drama.IMG_7415.JPG

Wk4 – Classmate Conversations – Tiffany Van Gilder


This week I met a fellow classmate, Tiffany Van Gilder. She is a first year at CSULB planning to major in journalism to become an editor in a magazine or event planning company. She is from Cimi Valley. Her hobbies include watching movies such as Clueless , photography, camping, hiking, anything outdoorsy. She has no siblings and no its but she would like a dog. She took art because an old roommate liked the class and talked about the art projects and it sounded like fun and decided to take it. During Tiffany’s free time she likes to watch Netflix, mostly The Office and One Tree Hill. She also likes to hangout with friends. One interesting fact about her is that she is left handed. Tiffany’s favorite type of art is music and her favorite band is The 1975, she also likes to listen to radio music and does not like rap or heavy metal. The most interesting place she has been to is the Mediterranean while on a cruise. She wants to go to Zion National Park in Utah.IMG_7240.JPG

Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Katherine Shinno

Website: https://katherineshinno.wordpress.com
This week I spoke to Katherine Shinno, she’s a first year at CSULB intending to be a communications major. Her favorite class at school was comm 130 with spencer Dalbey. Katherine took art because a friend took the class and said it was fun and a different type of art with hands on activities. She has one older sister Who is five years older than her and graduated from CSULB. Katherine enjoyed the work by Josh Vasquez Because of the flowers and the subtlety to his work, how it included limited materials and had a different perspective on death. Katherine prefers music as her fav form of art, she likes it because it’s an understated type of art. She played flute and she does not like country to much but has a wide variety. Katherine did tennis since she was younger and high school, she also plays basket ball for fun. Katherine likes French fries as a fav food and chicken tenders too. She loves all animals yet has no pets, but if she did she would choose to have dogs