Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Process and Form

Media: Ceramics and mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: NA

Instagram: nickbamf4d

For this week’s artist conversation I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Bamford. Nick is a fourth year at CSULB, graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics. He is originally from Huntington Beach but decided to go to CSULB to pursue not only a degree in art but also a career. Nick is the only one from his family to pick art as a career choice. His hobbies include painting, sculpting, and working on any of his current projects. Nick’s interests also revolve around most of his art work and hobbies.

Nick’s work is different from all the other art work I’ve viewed the semester. His artwork contains carmaics and lights, also random toys and trinkets adding individuality to his work. The sculptures’ scale are bigger than most art work I’ve seen, it is taller than the average human. The use of the backlights and glow sticks create and eerie yet exciting effect. His work is a combination of being jagged, undulating, sinuous and staccato. All the elements of his work come together to form something beautiful.

When I asked Nick why he chose to make this artwork, he stated that he liked the challenge of using different techniques of art and combining them into one. He wanted to bring different aspects and dimensions to his art work so it can stand out and not be like the rest of the artists at school. He explained that all of the things he made are not really random, that each of them have a specific purpose, place, and meaning to his art. “It was not coincidental or an accident, but more of a purpose”.

When I look at Nick’s art it gives me flash backs to an arcade and my childhood. The use of glow sticks and different toys/objects makes me feel like I’m 12 again, playing laser tag or winning arcade toys. His artwork stands out because he has so much going on, combined into one. The black light, glow sticks, skulls, and metal/chains also reminds me of halloween giving off a eerie/spooky, yet exhilarating/beautiful feeling.


Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Silk screen, google maps, photography, photoshop, printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: NA

Instagram: NA

Jennifer Chen is on her last year at CSULB. She is an undergrad for biology and is completing her master of fine arts for print and digital making. She is going to teach an art class next semester at school and she has switched her major to develop a meaning in art and discover the different ideas she has. Chen’s work explores the merging of science and art, and it also depicts how after a disturbance in nature, a place changes hence her exhibition name Succession. When I asked Chen what her interests were, she said they are wide ranging and primarily artsy and outdoorsy, giving inspiration for this exhibit.

Chen’s work took a long time to create and even perfect, she wanted to play with the idea of painting and photography. She uses a camera and google maps to create her work and then when she has her images she prints them on silk screen. The shape of her art work is to be similar to nature as if it was 3D.  Her art work is smooth since it is printed on screen paper, she uses earthy tones also to give off an exact resemblance to real life nature. Jennifer’s art work is a combination of jagged, undulating, and sinuous since it is to resemble natures. Just as nature is different at every view and detail, her art work is different in every small print and design.

I asked Jennifer why she chose to print nature she told me that she wanted to allow people to fully grasp how the environment is currently changing and rapid it is happening. She says we have to be more aware of the environment and how we treat it. Her images are trying to explore succession in nature and how when one thing dies, another is reborn or replaced. She explained that her art work depicts the minor changes in nature from the modern world perspective.

In my opinion Chen’s work depicts beautifully how nature is constantly changing around us, from the tearing down of forests and trees to the raising of buildings and cities. her art work give me the idea of conserving nature and taking time to realize what the modern world does to the environment and the creatures with in it. If humans took more than just a second to realize how nature and our earth is slowly deprecating over time, then we would be conserving more of not only our lives but the planet’s also.

Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig 

Info Block:

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Copper, Bronze, wax, fishing line, spray paint, sterling silver, enamel, silver plated chain

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: n/a

Instagram: n/a

This week I met with Sean Joy Rosario Canabig, Sean is from Los Angeles and is completing her last semester in BFA Metal Working. Her first year At Cal State Long Beach she declared herself a creative writing major for poetry but found a new love in metal work. During her free time Sean enjoys playing video games, spending time with her boyfriend, going out to eat, and experimenting with food dishes also.

Most of Sean’s work included copper and silver mixed together beautifully to create her art work. When i asked her how long most of her work took she said some were done quickly, such as in a day, but others too much longer, either a week or month. She explained that her metals were melted at 1500 degrees to create the look of paint blended together to form beautiful images such as a heart and flowers. The texture of her work is soft and smooth, the metals blending together perfectly, creating swirls of black, blue, white, grey, bronze and silver colors. Sean’s art work is undulating and sinuous, with soft curves for the jewelry and dishes.

Sean explained why she chose metal work and it was for her to experiment with art and her life. She explained that she was able to have fun in her work because she was exploring herself and her feelings in that moment and transferred it to her art. Sean explained how her exhibit name depicts how we should all take life, slow and full hearted. She said that as humans we have tendencies to rush things and get upset when things aren’t perfect but we should take a moment and step back from things and look at life and how wonderful it is. We should learn to be more patient and calm. Sean said she beats herself up hard when her art work didn’t turn out how she wanted and that she pushes herself harder so her art work can have more meaning and be more beautiful. She said her artwork is a reflection of her feelings towards life and the people in it.

Sean’s artwork is aesthetically pleasing. My favorite piece is the white heart on bluefish black metal. also the white flowers on the dishes are beautiful. The way she blends the metals to create designs and shape them into jewelry and dishes is so cool! In my opinion metal work is different than the typical art form, its creative and personal. You can create jewelry, dishes, and any other object you chose. Sean’s art work was calm and simple yet out spoken and different, it is something that i would wear and put in my house as accessories.

Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Brianna Lynch 

Artist: Brianna Lynch

Exhibition: Merge

Media: printmaking, computer, ink, paper

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov gallery east

Website: N/A

Instagram: @bri.joy

This week I chose to interview Artist Brianna Lynch. She is going to be graduating this spring from the CSULB school of art. Bri was a transfer student from OCC and went to the OC school of art also. One interesting fact she told me was that she had a culture shock moving from Mojeska Canyon to Orange County. It was a differently lifestyle: more active and vivid than organic and nature filled. Other hobbies Bri has is snowboarding, yoga, hiking, surfing, and other sports. She enjoys doing anything outdoorsy and artsy.

Bri’s art work is smooth and constant. It has a soft continuous flow to it. She uses black and white colors to keep it simple. Her art work has smooth shaped like circles and curves. There are some sharp points but they help portray the image. The paintings are very sinuous because the curves help show the outline of her self portraits to give it a more feminine look. Her art work is soft due to the fact that it is printed onto the paper, it is also soft in texture. Bri’s work is also at a constant rhythm with every line connecting to another one to form her picture.

When asking Bri what her inspiration was behind her art work she said she wanted to bring forth emotion through the versatility in her line work. She chose black and white colors because she wanted have a stronger message, wanted to work with concept versus color, and never actually worked with black and white, she mostly worked with color. She wanted to bring a point across with her art work to allow it to have one meaning instead of being open to interpretation. She said her work’s juxtaposition is very clear and easily conveyed in her organic line, heavy digitalized line work and simple color choice. She said that using color for this art work would’ve been confusing for the viewer, emotion wise and when looking for a deeper message. Bri explained how she wanted her organic and digital art work to merge into one, connecting organics to life. She also explained that the past and present art not two single ideas but one thing in collaboration with life just as her two life style of organic (nature) and vivid (social).

What I noticed when looking at her art work is that something so simple can be so complex when looking deeper in the message. What I found the most interesting about our conversation was that she was working on her line drawing self portrait for a while and her computer suddenly glitched and it made her self portraits different, she decided to keep the new image instead of the original. Looking at her art work gives me a sense of subtlety with the flow of the lines. It also shows innocence with her self portraits of being naked. Her art work is simple and soft, it’s conveys a message or purity and confidentiality


Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Michael VanOverbeck 

Artist: Michael VanOverbeck

Exhibition: BFA Thesis Exhibition

Media: Wood, varnish

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @Michaelswoodshop
Michael VanOverbeck is going to be a spring 2016 graduate and is currently completing his BFA. He used to study at other colleges but found his calling at CSULB for woodworking. He used to be interested in animation but found wood to be more fun, he still does animation and combines it with his work. Michael loves to go fishing, hunting, crafting, anything that involves the outdoors. When I asked him why he chose to do woodworking he explained to me that it gave him great pride to be able to make furniture for himself and people he knows. It keeps him busy and cost effective.

Michael’s work involved two beautiful rocking chairs, a wooden bowl, and a wooden dresser. The different types of wood he used were carob, maple, walnut, bloodwood, Paduak, mohagany, cherry, pau Amarillo Purple Heart, and utile. The cost of the wood in total was around 800$ and took him many hours to complete. His work is smooth and gentle with the wood blending together nicely. The shape of his art was round and soft with no blunt edges. His work look calm and textured with all the different colors and types of wood mixing to make the furniture. The rocking chairs that he made we carved to fit different types of people, with the arm rests being wider and the back support being more flexible and bendy.

Michael said his inspiration for his work was he wanted to be able to provide for himself and make beautiful furniture. He was also inspired by the craft movement of the 20th century and other woodworkers such as Sam Maloof and David Ellsworth. He primarily wanted his work to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. He made each chair different and unique to be able to fit all types of people for comfort and style. For the bowl  he wanted it to be original and unique, when looking inside of the bowl you can see it is cracked but when I asked him why he chose to leave the crack he said it was because its beautiful and the crack added the value. Why should you change something based on the way it looks.

For me his art work poured comfort and style. With each chair being made to fit every individual it gave me a sense of pleasure knowing I would be comfy if I say in it. I enjoyed the colorful rocking chair the most with all the texture and different colors of wood blending into one, it was so vibrant and full of life. Any home would look amazing with the colored rocking chair because even in the gallery with its white walls, the chair stood out and shined the most.



Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form; Single Entity

Media: Mixed metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Website: NA

Instagram: @whipperton

Kristi Jensen is a student of the BFA program and is graduating soon in fall 2016 completing her bachelors degree. She was originally interested and was working on sculptures but found a love for metal instead. Her works don’t necessarily convey a specific message but instead are open to interpretation and broad general meanings. In her free time Kristi likes to knit and do fiber art/ metal smithing.

In her work she uses Copper, Enamel, Gold Leaf, Steel, and Sterling Silver. Most of kristi’s work is smooth in texture, and the colors of the metal mix well. Her work is smooth and curved. The color pops out of her art work and the texture helps enhance it.

Kristi’s art work wasn’t inspired by one single idea but a general message to the viewers. She enjoyed making all the art and working with metals. Kristi wants to continue making her art work after she graduates and have job that allows her to do so also. She also hopes to make her own stands for her art instead of the white stands that they have in the gallery, she wants to be creative and original.

Kristi’s artwork poured beauty and originality, from the colors of the metal to the shape/ designs. Its interesting to see metal in art instead of paintings or clay. Metal is a cool way to sculpt and be unique. My favorite piece was the necklace with the beautiful colors and how they swirled into one another, blending nicely. She took a lot of time to make her art work and it paid off, the beauty and colors melting into one. Working with metal looks fun and interesting.IMG_7414.JPG


Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics, paint, clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: cargo collective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: @samueljenri

Samuel is a 2015 graduate of BFA Ceramics at CSULB. He is from Central California and the Bay Area. He is currently working on his Post Baccalaureate. He has been doing ceramics since 2000 but has worked on and off with it. He fell in love with ceramics due to working for a ceramic production company making backgrounds and props. It took his approximately four months to do his exhibition. His other interests are food such as fresh tomatoes, and plays the guitar.

Samuel’s work is made out of clay sculpted into little kids toys then painted with vibrant colors.  The colors that he uses are bright such as pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. The scale of his work compared to normal toys that you see in the store are larger. Some of his work is undulating and sinuous such as the fish and barbie doll head.

The artist inspiration for his work are awkward feelings and toys that you play with. He saw toys at a flee market and made them his platform for his work. His ideas surrounding his art are nostalgia and brutality. That his work is very specific when you look at it, but he wants to unfix the fixed meaning of it. Samuel stated that everything is interchangeable and he wanted to express it in his art. He wanted to create something that has a pretense of a specific identity but can be changeable, for anything to go on or in it.

Looking at Samuel Jernigan’s art work gives me a sense of hardships. Over time as we grow up and fight through trials and tribulations we leave behind what we once loved, such as the toys we played with as children that we thought we would keep forever, only to throw it away once we get older. His work gives life and enhancement to the toys we once sought to be our best friend. His work means to me that as we grow older we should still appreciate the beauty of our childhood and not forget where we came from and who we once were.