Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

I found this week’s art experience to be rather a calming yet out of the box task. Instead of being in the normal university theater or SOA galleries, we went to the Japanese garden which i thought was a nice change. Sitting out in the garden make me more comfortable in drawing, i felt more relaxed when drawing things I saw. Looking through out the garden there were things that were easy to draw such as the ducks or koi fish and plants, while some were more complex: the water fall, details of every flower, and just the whole garden to name a few. At first i was confused by the abstract and representational art work that we had to do but slowly it made sense. For my abstract art I drew shapes and lines to represent what i saw in the garden, so the ducks, fish, and shadows of the branches. For my representational I tried my best to draw a koi fish, duck, and a water fountain. For the abstract photos, I took a picture of a bush, flower, and the scales of a koi fish. For the representational I took more pictures of fish ( I just think that koi fish are so pretty and cool looking) and a monument to the Japanese culture, and then I also took a picture of the garden itself. In my opinion I thought that this was the best experience so far, it was different and a great way to connect with the outdoors!


Wk13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For this week’s art experience, I found it to be fun and different. The ACP is different than snapchat because it is something you can physically hold and grab, you can see every detail of what ever you receive and it doesn’t disappear after 10 seconds. Yet it is similar because you’re sending a form of art to someone whether it be a drawing or a photo. The time between sending something and receiving it on snapchat and the ACP does matter. When it is sent over a long period time instead of seconds, in my opinion I think it has more meaning behind it, instead of it being something you just came up with. The ACP is my opinion can be made with love rather than making a snap with love lol. An ACP can contain things that you like or things that the receiver likes. It can personal and intimate, or cool and fun, it all depends on what you want to do with it. This art experience taught me that its ok to express your opinion of what is art and what isn’t, by sending the person I picked what i thought was art meant that I am not afraid to express what is art to me and not what is art to society. IMG_0934.JPG

Wk12 – Art Experience – Game Design


The cache I placed is North 32.8504 degrees and West 117.2730 degrees.

The cache I found was semi difficult, I went to a library and found it in the fiction books in the sub category: fantasy. While the one I placed was far down south, which may prove to be a fun yet hard challenge for those that are up to it. Geocaching made it fun to find new boxes and places, also figuring out what there is to do. This weeks activity made seem like it was hide-and-go-seek, hiding a box, and seeking out others. When thinking if you can map feelings and emotions onto a map, you can. If you think about places they hold secrets and stories and some may know and others may not. Yet if we explore these places we can learn their secrets, emotion, feelings, and adventures. The geocaching takes us to these places to not only find a cache but find the stories with in these places and learn the emotions that come with it.


 Moonbase Alpha is what I call home. The year is 2046 and I’m looking for new things to do in my daily life. My name is Moggie and I am a food critic for my friend Eugene Fitzherbert’s restaurant. If you visit his restaurant I recommend the alien linguine, but not the star soup. I love all kinds of food from space pizza, to moon rock ice cream! besides my job I also assist my friend Adam McConnelly is his wacky science experiments! I’d watch out for Adam and his science experiments they can get you into a lot of trouble and can be too crazy at times!  Although I love my home, I want to explore new places and spice up my everyday life. I’d really love to go visit my friend lulu who moved to Boston recently, she makes the best carrot cake BTW! I asked her why she move and she said she wanted to be fully human instead of half and half. I hope that they can turn me fully human as well, half dog/half human isn’t working very well for me. well moon base alpha, you are the best. 🙂

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Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing 



( please excuse my messy living room) What I’ve learned this experience is that art is open to many forms of interpretation. To me my drawing looked like clusters of flowers, some bloomed and some slowly blooming. The drawing reminded me of Rorschach inkblot test because you can see multiple images in just a splatter of paint or in this case a bunch of connected lines. It was different having to meditate and draw with out being 100% into it. Your mind wandering into space as you draw freely with out thinking of what to draw or how it should look. At first it was difficult to draw with my mom because we couldn’t stop laughing because we felt weird drawing with our eyes closed in a dim room, but over time we got more relaxed and the process became a lot easier. In the end my drawing reminds me of abstract art with all the shapes, patterns, and simplistic design. This was definitely one of the art projects that I like the best!

Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity 

This weeks art experience taught me to always back up your stuff in your phone. The original video we made was lost once my phone broke, but we made a new one! We talked about college life in this video and how everyone’s experience is different. College is one of the most frustrating yet amazing events in a person’s life. This video was fun to make and I thank John for helping me. I felt the video went well, it has some funny parts. What I would’ve done different is have all the people that were in the video meet up all together to tape it, but it’s all good. The process was interesting in making the video with the fact that the original one was gone, but the second one came out better! Here’s the link for the website: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D_6qYBXuliM

Wk6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week’s art experience taught me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I went with a guide around campus to the fountains and Japanese garden, yet as we were walking to these places I decided to take pictures around me and capture what I thought was beautiful. Looking through my camera lens around campus I noticed the little aspects about CSULB that I did not notice before. Everyone has beauty and for some its most noticeable and for others you have to take a closer look. Everyday in society you hear about what is “aesthetically pleasing” and it is constantly changing, one day one thing can be beautiful and the next day it could be considered ugly. Beauty has no actual term that applies to everyone, people’s opinions on what is nice looking is different, no person is the same.