Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

I found this week’s art experience to be rather a calming yet out of the box task. Instead of being in the normal university theater or SOA galleries, we went to the Japanese garden which i thought was a nice change. Sitting out in the garden make me more comfortable in drawing, i felt more relaxed when drawing things I saw. Looking through out the garden there were things that were easy to draw such as the ducks or koi fish and plants, while some were more complex: the water fall, details of every flower, and just the whole garden to name a few. At first i was confused by the abstract and representational art work that we had to do but slowly it made sense. For my abstract art I drew shapes and lines to represent what i saw in the garden, so the ducks, fish, and shadows of the branches. For my representational I tried my best to draw a koi fish, duck, and a water fountain. For the abstract photos, I took a picture of a bush, flower, and the scales of a koi fish. For the representational I took more pictures of fish ( I just think that koi fish are so pretty and cool looking) and a monument to the Japanese culture, and then I also took a picture of the garden itself. In my opinion I thought that this was the best experience so far, it was different and a great way to connect with the outdoors!


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