Wk13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

For this week’s art experience, I found it to be fun and different. The ACP is different than snapchat because it is something you can physically hold and grab, you can see every detail of what ever you receive and it doesn’t disappear after 10 seconds. Yet it is similar because you’re sending a form of art to someone whether it be a drawing or a photo. The time between sending something and receiving it on snapchat and the ACP does matter. When it is sent over a long period time instead of seconds, in my opinion I think it has more meaning behind it, instead of it being something you just came up with. The ACP is my opinion can be made with love rather than making a snap with love lol. An ACP can contain things that you like or things that the receiver likes. It can personal and intimate, or cool and fun, it all depends on what you want to do with it. This art experience taught me that its ok to express your opinion of what is art and what isn’t, by sending the person I picked what i thought was art meant that I am not afraid to express what is art to me and not what is art to society. IMG_0934.JPG


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