Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Silk screen, google maps, photography, photoshop, printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: NA

Instagram: NA

Jennifer Chen is on her last year at CSULB. She is an undergrad for biology and is completing her master of fine arts for print and digital making. She is going to teach an art class next semester at school and she has switched her major to develop a meaning in art and discover the different ideas she has. Chen’s work explores the merging of science and art, and it also depicts how after a disturbance in nature, a place changes hence her exhibition name Succession. When I asked Chen what her interests were, she said they are wide ranging and primarily artsy and outdoorsy, giving inspiration for this exhibit.

Chen’s work took a long time to create and even perfect, she wanted to play with the idea of painting and photography. She uses a camera and google maps to create her work and then when she has her images she prints them on silk screen. The shape of her art work is to be similar to nature as if it was 3D.  Her art work is smooth since it is printed on screen paper, she uses earthy tones also to give off an exact resemblance to real life nature. Jennifer’s art work is a combination of jagged, undulating, and sinuous since it is to resemble natures. Just as nature is different at every view and detail, her art work is different in every small print and design.

I asked Jennifer why she chose to print nature she told me that she wanted to allow people to fully grasp how the environment is currently changing and rapid it is happening. She says we have to be more aware of the environment and how we treat it. Her images are trying to explore succession in nature and how when one thing dies, another is reborn or replaced. She explained that her art work depicts the minor changes in nature from the modern world perspective.

In my opinion Chen’s work depicts beautifully how nature is constantly changing around us, from the tearing down of forests and trees to the raising of buildings and cities. her art work give me the idea of conserving nature and taking time to realize what the modern world does to the environment and the creatures with in it. If humans took more than just a second to realize how nature and our earth is slowly deprecating over time, then we would be conserving more of not only our lives but the planet’s also.


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