Wk12 – Art Experience – Game Design


The cache I placed is North 32.8504 degrees and West 117.2730 degrees.

The cache I found was semi difficult, I went to a library and found it in the fiction books in the sub category: fantasy. While the one I placed was far down south, which may prove to be a fun yet hard challenge for those that are up to it. Geocaching made it fun to find new boxes and places, also figuring out what there is to do. This weeks activity made seem like it was hide-and-go-seek, hiding a box, and seeking out others. When thinking if you can map feelings and emotions onto a map, you can. If you think about places they hold secrets and stories and some may know and others may not. Yet if we explore these places we can learn their secrets, emotion, feelings, and adventures. The geocaching takes us to these places to not only find a cache but find the stories with in these places and learn the emotions that come with it.


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