Wk10 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Andrade

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Andrade. Andrew is a second year at Cal State Long Beach, and is currently a political science major. Once he graduates he aspires to going to law school to study civil and criminal law. Andrew is from along Beach City and commutes to school, he used to attend Millikan High School. Throughout high school he played almost every sport but mainly focused on wrestling. During his free time Andrew likes to travel to new places, hangout with his girlfriend and friends, and watch movies or documentaries. Andrew lives a relaxed lifestyle but he told me he wants to get back into the athletic lifestyle he used to have. Andrew has a Bichon Frise named Charlie who is 11 to 12 years old and is the love of his life. When I asked Andrew why he was taking Art 110 he said to fill a GE requirement, and because he’s never taken an art class besides photography in high school. He also thinks the Art 110 class is different, and has a different approach to understanding art and the creativity that comes with it. If you get the chance you should interview Andrew, he’s a great guy to meet! 🙂


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