Wk10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox


 Artist: Helen Warner Cox

Exhibition: Silent screams

Media: Oil paints, pastels, monoprints, crayons

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

This week I met artist Helen Warner Cox. She is currently in graduate school for her Master of Fine Arts degree at CSULB. Helen explained to me that growing up in the country and becoming a country girl she had very little interest in horses, yet he art work for this exhibition uses carousel horses as a reoccurring idea. She used to live in Ithaca New York until she was 18 and then moved to explore a more vibrant lifestyle. Helen wants to explore more to have more ideas for her artwork and have a more vast art style. During her free time Helen enjoys reading and gardening mostly, yet lately she got into a game called Dots and has formed an addiction to the app.

When looking at Helen’s art work she uses a lot of vibrant colors mixed with earth tones to create an eerie yet fun look. Her paintings contain different angles of the horses on the carousel to capture the different aspects of life that we go through. She uses oil paints, pastels, and water based crayons to crate her beautiful paintings. Most of Helen’s work has a lot of rhythm and movement to it, it’s not so jagged but more smooth. the colors blend to bring a sense of calmness yet the look in the horses eyes say other wise. The powerful details of the faces of the horse and carousel show that she put much time and effort into each painting. Her work is also sinuous and not so much staccato. the curves of the carousel and horses give it life-like details that catch the viewers eye.

Helen described how her work revolves around one single theme: repetition. The repetitiveness of life and mistakes the ensue everyday unless you make a change. The horses she draws and the looks that she gives them depict how life can be unpredictable and scary at the same time.  She explained how’re carousel symbolizes society and the horses represent individuals within going in a circular motion consistently, with out ever slowing down or stopping. It represents society never slowing down and always changing without having the individual enjoy life or the changes that Come with it. The consistent motion and the fear on the horses face depict how humans, if we don’t move with society and keep up with it, we have fear of being left behind and being on the outside. 

Helen’s work gave me the idea of and individual looking inside the box from outside. Staring into society and it’s never ending change. In my opinion I agree with everything that Helen said about her work and how the individual is afraid to not change, that if we do not change with society or continue the repeatitive motion then we are castes outside. We live in constant fear of not being with society or being in the in-crowd. 


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