Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram 




 What I noticed about the activity was that most students are out exploring everyday or trying something new. They are also either at work or hanging out with their friends. It’s cool to see everyone interacting with others and sharing their memories on Instagram. Looking through all the posted photos it seems to me that we are one big community going about our daily lives with those inside the class and those outside of it. What I noticed the most was everyone enjoyed doing something, trying something, or going somewhere to make their day a little more fun and interesting. This art experience expanded my view on what people do daily besides just the normal “go to school, then go to work, and then go home”. It allows everyone to show what they do daily, posting the pictures offer not only advice on what to do, but gives new ideas on things to try, places to go, and new people to meet. Viewing the photos for this week’s project was pretty cool to see what other people do daily, the most common idea that is saw was people enjoyed hanging out with their friends or family and going out and adventuring, which is pretty cool. I got to explore, go to work, and hang out with my friends. A lot of other people in my class did too. 🙂 


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