Wk9 – Classmate Conversation- Gina Householder

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Gina Householder. Gina is a second year at Cal State Long Beach studying Pre Film. She wants to be in non-fiction production, documentaries, and then move into narratives as job. When I asked her why she is taking Art 110 she said that she likes art and being creative and it was to fulfill a pre-requisite for film. I also asked her why she decided to go to CSULB and she told me her family went there and she knew the school really well already. Her favorite class at CSULB is history of broadcasting because you are learning about all tv shows from all times. Gina has one younger sister who is fifteen, she also has three dogs: two French Bulldogs and a German Shepard. She also has a Gecko. Her hobbies include going to the beach, Disney, volunteering and reading. Her favorite music are all kinds, but particularly alternative. She likes some country but doesn’t really listen to it. Her favorite show is Sherlock on BBC, her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is pizza. I Hope you guys get the chance to meet Gina just as I did!


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