Moonbase Alpha is what I call home. The year is 2046 and I’m looking for new things to do in my daily life. My name is Moggie and I am a food critic for my friend Eugene Fitzherbert’s restaurant. If you visit his restaurant I recommend the alien linguine, but not the star soup. I love all kinds of food from space pizza, to moon rock ice cream! besides my job I also assist my friend Adam McConnelly is his wacky science experiments! I’d watch out for Adam and his science experiments they can get you into a lot of trouble and can be too crazy at times!  Although I love my home, I want to explore new places and spice up my everyday life. I’d really love to go visit my friend lulu who moved to Boston recently, she makes the best carrot cake BTW! I asked her why she move and she said she wanted to be fully human instead of half and half. I hope that they can turn me fully human as well, half dog/half human isn’t working very well for me. well moon base alpha, you are the best. 🙂

Check out my friends:

Eugene Fitzherbert:

Adam McConnelly:



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