Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Brianna Lynch 

Artist: Brianna Lynch

Exhibition: Merge

Media: printmaking, computer, ink, paper

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov gallery east

Website: N/A

Instagram: @bri.joy

This week I chose to interview Artist Brianna Lynch. She is going to be graduating this spring from the CSULB school of art. Bri was a transfer student from OCC and went to the OC school of art also. One interesting fact she told me was that she had a culture shock moving from Mojeska Canyon to Orange County. It was a differently lifestyle: more active and vivid than organic and nature filled. Other hobbies Bri has is snowboarding, yoga, hiking, surfing, and other sports. She enjoys doing anything outdoorsy and artsy.

Bri’s art work is smooth and constant. It has a soft continuous flow to it. She uses black and white colors to keep it simple. Her art work has smooth shaped like circles and curves. There are some sharp points but they help portray the image. The paintings are very sinuous because the curves help show the outline of her self portraits to give it a more feminine look. Her art work is soft due to the fact that it is printed onto the paper, it is also soft in texture. Bri’s work is also at a constant rhythm with every line connecting to another one to form her picture.

When asking Bri what her inspiration was behind her art work she said she wanted to bring forth emotion through the versatility in her line work. She chose black and white colors because she wanted have a stronger message, wanted to work with concept versus color, and never actually worked with black and white, she mostly worked with color. She wanted to bring a point across with her art work to allow it to have one meaning instead of being open to interpretation. She said her work’s juxtaposition is very clear and easily conveyed in her organic line, heavy digitalized line work and simple color choice. She said that using color for this art work would’ve been confusing for the viewer, emotion wise and when looking for a deeper message. Bri explained how she wanted her organic and digital art work to merge into one, connecting organics to life. She also explained that the past and present art not two single ideas but one thing in collaboration with life just as her two life style of organic (nature) and vivid (social).

What I noticed when looking at her art work is that something so simple can be so complex when looking deeper in the message. What I found the most interesting about our conversation was that she was working on her line drawing self portrait for a while and her computer suddenly glitched and it made her self portraits different, she decided to keep the new image instead of the original. Looking at her art work gives me a sense of subtlety with the flow of the lines. It also shows innocence with her self portraits of being naked. Her art work is simple and soft, it’s conveys a message or purity and confidentiality



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