Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing 



( please excuse my messy living room) What I’ve learned this experience is that art is open to many forms of interpretation. To me my drawing looked like clusters of flowers, some bloomed and some slowly blooming. The drawing reminded me of Rorschach inkblot test because you can see multiple images in just a splatter of paint or in this case a bunch of connected lines. It was different having to meditate and draw with out being 100% into it. Your mind wandering into space as you draw freely with out thinking of what to draw or how it should look. At first it was difficult to draw with my mom because we couldn’t stop laughing because we felt weird drawing with our eyes closed in a dim room, but over time we got more relaxed and the process became a lot easier. In the end my drawing reminds me of abstract art with all the shapes, patterns, and simplistic design. This was definitely one of the art projects that I like the best!


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