Wk5 – Art Experience – Cuisine,Couture, or Coiffure!

This weeks art experience has taught me that its ok to accept being different and express creativity. I decided to do cuisine as my way to challenge and voice my inner creativity. I love food so why not do something fun with it. In all honesty my mom thought I was weird for ‘playing’ with my food but hey, if you still eat it at the end then thats all that matters. I decided to make a fruit smiley face to remind myself to always stay positive! Using food as a art experience is pretty cool because a lot of people wouldn’t consider it art when in reality it is. Food can be made just as crazy, beautiful, and inspiring as compared to say poetry, painting, and even fashion. This art experience was hard because I just wanted to keep eating the fruit as I was making the project and it was difficult to get everything to stick together, but I made it work and had a blast doing so. Food is a great way to express creativity and explore your taste buds, so i recommend trying cuisine as a form of art expression and inspiration. Staying positive and eating healthy is the way to go!


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