Wk4 – Art Experience -Graffiti Writing

 Some consider graffiti to be vandalism while others consider it to be art. People think that anyone who does graffiti work is a delinquent or has the intent to ruin someone’s property, yet that is not necessarily true and this week’s project proved it. This week’s art experience showed how graffiti writing is subjective to each person, for me I consider it a form of art work. It can be beautiful and express creativity and individuality with out having to be gang or violence related. I used dark and light blue, orange, red, yellow, and black  to spray my name in bubble letters. The reason I chose the colors was to make my name resemble a sunset. California has such beautiful sunsets, so why not express it in paint. This experience has taught me that not all graffiti art is related to gangs, violence, or vandalism. Some work depict social issues, beauty, and even awareness for what is happening in the present and some for the future and past.


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