Wk3 – Artist Conversation -Josh Vasquez


Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Spray paint, sharpies, dead flowers, paper, clear plastic trash bags,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Instagram: @Joshybehr

Website: Joshvasquez.com

Josh Vasquez is from downtown LA, he is in his 5th year at CSLUB School of Art in the painting and drawing program. He has been painting seriously for 2 years now even though he’s been painting since he was a kid. He also enjoys photography and anything else that involves that art. Josh says that his art work entails the perspectives people have on life and death.

Josh’s work include ink markers, sharpies, spray paint, dried flowers, clear plastic trash bags, and red roslin paper. The art work included straight and curved lines with black and white markers. The shapes in the work were circles, squares, and triangles with negative space. His work was also jagged and sinuous with a soft texture due to the plastic and markers. One of Josh’s art work were dried flowers on the red roslin paper, splattered with black ink. The paper had a rough textured look to it and the paint made it look soft. The flowers added the subtlety and simplicity to his work.

The artist described his work as black and white with no mix or in-between, that it is what it is. His inspirations were skulls and flowers to create abstract images depicting life and death, and the beauty that comes with it. He hoped to also help his audience understand the femininity and masculinity, black and white, and hard and soft in his work. his inspiration for his work came from artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O’Keefe. He wants the person viewing his art work to find their own meaning in the art. He wants the audience to have a connection to his work on life and death.

Josh’s work imposed the idea of beauty before and after death. By using the dried flowers it gave subtlety to his work of how death does not necessarily have to be ugly and terrifying but beautiful and accepting. The use of black and white colors depicted the idea of there being no mix in life and death. There is no ‘maybe’ that we are going to die, it is a yes that at some point in our beautiful life, we will die. In one of his art works, Josh drew a human skull on the plastic trash bag with black and white markers. In one of the eye sockets in the painting, it quoted, “It doesn’t have to be more than this” meaning that death does not have to be so over dramatic and terrifying, death is apart of life and should be accepted early and embraced, because we lived a beautiful life and made memories that will last forever. Death should be a celebration of life, not a nightmare.


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