Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Katherine Shinno

Website: https://katherineshinno.wordpress.com
This week I spoke to Katherine Shinno, she’s a first year at CSULB intending to be a communications major. Her favorite class at school was comm 130 with spencer Dalbey. Katherine took art because a friend took the class and said it was fun and a different type of art with hands on activities. She has one older sister Who is five years older than her and graduated from CSULB. Katherine enjoyed the work by Josh Vasquez Because of the flowers and the subtlety to his work, how it included limited materials and had a different perspective on death. Katherine prefers music as her fav form of art, she likes it because it’s an understated type of art. She played flute and she does not like country to much but has a wide variety. Katherine did tennis since she was younger and high school, she also plays basket ball for fun. Katherine likes French fries as a fav food and chicken tenders too. She loves all animals yet has no pets, but if she did she would choose to have dogs


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