Plaster Casting

Wk2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Doing this plaster casting activity was a challenge due to the always changing weather. Too much wet sand caused the mold to collapse and rain made it difficult for the plaster to dry and remove from the mold. But I was able to complete the activity and watch a beautiful sunset at the same time.

Ive used plaster before to repair holes in the walls of my house but never to make 3D art, especially at the beach. Using the beach to make the molds for the feet or hands was pretty cool due to how each hand would look different because of the different types of sand, shells, color of stones, and location of beach.

I chose to do my hand as open and fingers stretched. With an open hand thats how you should take on life and people with open hands and heart. The open palm means trust and courage and thats how you should face life, head strong and with out doubt.


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