Landscapes with a Corpse

Wk1 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse

For this Art Experience I used a pool as my landscape. The pool symbolizes the serenity and tranquility as the water moves calmly around my body. The warmth of the water allows my body to be comfortable while I lay there lifelessly. The pool depicts my peaceful journey to the after life with out the difficult waves that could’ve arose but did not. The flowers symbolize beauty and how death does not necessarily have to be depressing or ugly, it can be beautiful and full of happiness with all the memories that will be remembered and shared. I chose the pool as my Landscapes with a Corpse because I’ve always loved the water since i was little. Going to the beach, walking in the rain, playing water polo, doing competitive swimming, and even taking hot showers after a long day  gave me a sense of peacefulness and gave me relaxation through out my day. It is what makes me happy, my love for the water will be with me till the day I die and even then on.



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